Our Services

GEMeSphere Immigration provides PR visa services to work and settle in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Quebec and  South Africa.
1. Free counselling
• Evaluation of clients profile and suggesting right country to migrate.
• Explaining the benefits of migration.
• Explaining the entire process from profile evaluation to getting the PR Visa.

2. Technical Evaluations
• Expert evaluation of client’s profile.
• Client’s skills mapping against Demand Occupation List.
• Explaining the job opportunities based on clients profile.
• Generation of detailed evaluation report for the clients.

3. Full Immigration Service
• All activities from technical evaluation to getting PR visa are covered.
• Activities including analyzing clients profile based on skilled point system, filling appropriate forms based on clients profile, processing application, sorting of documents, and many more.

4 Pre and Post Landing Services
• Complete air travel assistance
• Airport pick up and drop
• Assist in finding temporary / permanent accommodation of your budget
• Opening a bank account
• City tour & Business tour GEMeSphere